The 2020 Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Sports Turf Managers Association

                   Mike       Krupke            President                                   Insight FS

                   Josh       Viet                 President-Elect                          Midwest Athletic Fields

                   Mark      Robel               Vice-President Commercial       Reinders

                   Allen      Behnke            Treasurer                                   Howard Suamico School District

                   Bart        Bartelme         Past-President                           Green Bay Packers

                   Mike       Miller               Board Member                          UW-Whitewater

                   Mike       Oium                Board Member                         Iowa-Grant School District

                   Ryan       Rusch              Board Member                          Plymouth Joint School District

                   Rex        Zemke              Board Member                          Wausau School District

                   Ron        Novinska          Board Member                          Oregon School District

                   Todd       Putz                 Board Member                          Watertown School District

The WSTMA is dedicated to advancing the safety, playability, and appearance of athletic fields

at all levels through seminars, field days, publications, and networking with other

                   professionals in the sports turf industry throughout Wisconsin and beyond! 

                                                               Job Position Service-no cost

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